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Tour Map

There are a few stops on the tour. At Surrey Hill Carriage Museum you transfer from the 20 passenger to the 35 passenger carriage. There are restrooms, snack shops, gift shops and antique carriages on display in the building. Also, the new "Wings of Mackinac" butterfly conservatory is located next to Surrey Hill. You can spend as much time at Surrey Hill as you like, before boarding the 35 passenger carriage.

The next stop is a very brief 5-10 minute stop at Arch Rock. There is a restroom, but you will need to reboard the same carriage when your driver calls you the 3rd time. The next stop is an optional one at the "Avenue of Flags" entrance to Fort Mackinac. The admission to the Fort is not included in the price of the carriage tour, but you are welcome to exit the tour and visit the fort on your own. You may reboard another tour carriage when you leave Fort Mackinac, as space is available.

After the Fort you may end your tour at the Governor's Mansion and walk down Fort Hill (very steep-not good for Seniors) or continue back to Surrey Hill and reboard the 20-passenger carriage again. After Surrey Hill you can either end your tour at the Grand Hotel or downtown. If you end at Grand Hotel, you would not be able to reboard another tour carriage to get to the downtown, but it is only a short walk from there. Horse-drawn taxi service is available at an additional charge. Please check the "Taxi Services" section for current taxi rates.


Stuart House
Grand Hotel
Surrey Hills Museum
Wings of Mackinac

Post Cemetery
Arch Rock
Fort Mackinac
Governor's Residence